Term & Conditions

Term and Conditions

General Access to the systems is strictly controlled and monitored by EZ Holidays . Access codes are issued by EZ Holidays and may be withdrawn at any time. The agreement for access is directly between EZ Holidays and your company. Any instance of disclosure of access codes to third parties including representatives and affiliates is strictly forbidden and will result in a complete suspension of your account. Access to and use of the system is only permitted providing that your financial account is up to date and consistently maintained in good order.
A refundable security deposit equal to the estimated value of one months trading must be lodged with EZ Holidays before access codes are issued.

Access to our systems will be suspended once your account approaches your monthly credit limit. Further bookings will only be accepted once payment in full has been made or your deposit increased.

You are fully responsible for payment for all bookings made under your Internet access codes.
Booking policy The system is designed to handle F.I.T. bookings only (up to 6 pax & up to 3 rooms). Requests for 10 pax or more must be made using the Group requests function. Only F.I.T. products for which we show prices on the system can be selected and booked on EZ Holidays. Manual requests made by phone, fax or Email for reservations, modifications or cancellations will not be accepted for any hotel (with the exception of transfers and City tours) We reserve the right to cancel bookings made in EZ Holidays if they appear to be group bookings or if we consider them to have been made for the purpose of holding space for future sale. Hotel Internet Policy Many hotels (both chains and independents) now impose restrictions forbidding their products to be sold to the general public / end user on any website. We will advise you of these, once notified you must withdraw any and all hotels from all websites that you control that are intended for public / end user consumption. Failure to adhere to and or implement these restrictions will result in all bookings being cancelled and the termination of your agreement with EZ Holidays.

Rates provided are for sale in your own market only. You may not distribute our rates via your own system or that of any third party outside of that market.
Rates are confidential and should never be disclosed to any third party. All rates are valid for the leisure market only. We will not accept responsibility for any booking if it transpires that a client is not travelling for leisure purposes. Hotels may refuse to honour our contract rate and charge rack rate to the individual client direct.
Any instance of rate disclosure or abuse of market conditions will result in access to the EZ Holidays system being denied, and the cancellation of all reservations held.

The tariff is computer generated directly into the system. In all circumstances you will be invoiced at the rates contained in the tariff valid at the time of confirmation.

Rates shown are net per room per night, board basis according to hotel agreement.
We reserve the right to amend all prices, even after confirmation, in the event of changes in government taxes, currency fluctuation of 3% or more and trade fair date and/or rate changes.

Trade Fair and Special Event bookings
Trade fair rates may be above rack rate. In the event that new fair periods or new fair rates and/or dates become evident we will inform you of any change and invoice you at the new prices. Revised rates apply to all bookings including those made before the change. It is your responsibility to obtain from your client acceptance of the higher price. If they do not accept the new rate then the booking must be cancelled. Blocking space over trade fair periods in the hope of future sales is not permitted. We will cancel any and all bookings that we deem to have been made for this purpose.

Cancellations and amendments during Trade Fair and Special Event periods EZ Holidays provides cancellation deadlines for certain fair periods. As part of the booking process and in order for the bookings to be completed, the system requires that you accept the cancellations conditions / deadlines. Once accepted a charge of 100% of the value of the booking will be levied on all bookings cancelled and amended within the deadline.

Cancellations non trade fair periods
Cancellations must be made using EZ Holidays booking system or sending cancelation/modifications must be writing to our e-mail or fax during the office hours only, we will send you confirmation that the cancellation has been made. Without the confirmation of cancellation, you cannot assume that the booking has been cancelled. It is your responsibility to obtain the cancellation confirmation from us. Failure to do so will result in no show charges being raised.
In the event of non-arrival (no show), a minimum of one night no show charge will automatically apply (up to a maximum of the entire stay depending on supplier charges) . Vouchers

Voucher can be emailed or printed from within EZ Holidays . You can also issue vouchers on your own headed paper and also in this case your voucher must clearly state exactly what our voucher and confirmation letter details

EZ Holidays will not pay for personal extras. All extras must be paid directly to the hotel prior to departure.
Special events, for example New Year\'s Eve, religious holidays or sporting events, may have different cancellation policies which will be advised to you at the time of booking.

Transfers are scheduled assuming normal local traffic conditions. In the event that unexpected traffic or other conditions arising during the course of the transfer mean that a flight, train or other connection is missed, MTL will not accept any liability or responsibility for any additional costs the customers may incur. For transfer services starting at an airport, station or port, the waiting time for the driver is 30 minutes from the estimated arrival time, unless otherwise stated. For transfer services starting from other locations, there is a maximum waiting time for the driver of thirty minutes. Customers must ensure they are waiting at the specified meeting point, as shown on their voucher, at least five minutes prior to the confirmed pick-up time. If customers are travelling with babies and infants it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they bring with them the necessary child seat which they will be responsible for fitting. Failure to do this could result in the service provider refusing to provide the service, and no refund will be available. Customers are responsible for ensuring that their contact information, for example the hotel name and address and their personal mobile telephone number, as advised to MTL, is accurate. Should the customer not be able to meet their transfer at the scheduled time, it is their responsibility to call the telephone number shown on the voucher to make alternative arrangements. Complaints We will not deal with any complaints received more than 25 days after the client has checked out. We will not handle any complaint that was not brought to the attention of the hotel while the guest was in residence. All complaints must be reported to the hotel on the spot. We are not liable for compensation for a situation that could have been resolved at the time if the hotel had been aware of the problem.

Hotels undertake renovations. We advise you of those that we are aware of them. We will not accept requests for refunds or complaints if a hotel is carrying out renovations that we were not aware.

Please refer to your contract or contact our sales team directly.

Invoice disputes and refund requests
All invoices must be paid in full. Deductions are not permitted. If there is a claim against any invoice for whatever reason, you must inform us of the full details in writing within 20 days of the date of invoice. Claims made after that time may not be considered.

In the event that a client checks out of a hotel before the scheduled departure date, the client must obtain written confirmation of the departure date and time from the hotel. The document is only proof of early departure and does not guarantee that there will be no charges. Most hotels will charge for all the nights originally booked during busy periods. Hotels in Amsterdam, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona and all German fair cities are particularly strict and usually will charge for all nights originally booked.

In order to claim a refund, this signed document must be sent to EZ Holidays within 20 days of departure. No refund requests will be considered without the signed document from the hotel nor once the 20-day period has expired.

The earliest check-in time at most hotels is after 14.00 hours and check out time is usually 12.00 hours.
No ancillary services can yet be booked in EZ Holidays. Requests for services other than hotel bookings should be sent by fax or email to the EZ Holidays department. We will not action telephone/fax/email requests, nor will we honour any rate that you claim to have obtained over the phone.
Sending reminders is not necessary. If you do then it must be clearly marked as such otherwise we may treat this as a new booking request and you will be charged for the resultant no show.

All information contained within the EZ Holidays booking system, both pictorial and written is copy-written and remains the property of EZ Holidays. Copying and use of the information is forbidden without our written consent.
All hotel information contained in EZ Holidays is provided by the relevant supplier and is as accurate as possible. However we shall not be held liable in any way to you or any third party if the information proves to be inaccurate in any way.

EZ Holidays will not accept any direct communication with your agents / clients and we will refer them back to you in all cases.
You are fully responsible for all bookings made in EZ Holidays by yourselves and by any of your sub-agents.
Contract and liability
In using our systems you implicitly accept and agree to the terms and conditions contained within this document.
Reservation requests are treated as offers to enter into legally binding contracts, which are only deemed to have been accepted by us when we have transmitted our confirmation to you. All contracts with us are subject to these terms and conditions.